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Leatherwoods 2022 T-shirt Image


Leatherwoods 2019 T-shirt Image


Leatherwoods 2018 T-shirt Image


In 2013, we started a new tradition here at Leatherwoods. For the first time ever, the design of the next year's T-shirt would be designed by a Leatherwoods member. Members were encouraged to sketch a design folowing certain guidelines and submit it for the T-Shirt Contest. Every Leatherwoods member got a vote for which design they preferred, and the design with the highest number of votes was used for the next year's t-shirt. Here is 2015's winner (Click on the image to view larger):

Due to printing limitations, the winning image needed to be altered to make an effective t-shirt design. Here is the design as it appeared on the t-shirt:


T-Shirt Contest Rules

We are again holding the T-shirt contest. Submit a drawing to the Registration Desk at any time before the contest is scheduled to be held. (Schedule time and day TBD. Probably sometime Saturday to give people time to arrive.) There are a few simple rules for your submission:

All designs must contain the following elements:

  • A tree
  • A whip
  • A rope
  • The word "Leatherwoods"
  • Must be in one color

Other than that, anything goes! Feel free to be creative or naughty with your design. Please not that the design you create may not be the final design that ends up on the t-shirt. It may need to be altered to fit certain critera for printing on the t-shirt.

The member whose design is chosen will win a free T-shirt with their design on it. Pretty cool! You are not required to draw your design at Leatherwoods and can start as early as you want. We'd love to see more entries this year!

If you have any questions regarding the T-shirt contest, please contact Public Relations at webmaster@leatherwoods.org



Previous Years Winners

Here are the winning designs from previous years: