Event Rules


Please help us protect our lovely event site.
If you pack it in, please pack it out.
Let's leave the site better than we found it.


You must be 18 or older to attend. Be prepared to provide proof at registration!
We need to see EVERYONE'S photo ID. No exceptions.

Please view our detailed Dungeon Rules and Etiquette before attending any Leatherwoods event.

  • THIS IS A CLEAN AND SOBER EVENT. No illegal substances are permitted anywhere at any time! Anyone appearing to be intoxicated, or mentally impaired will not be allowed to attend.

  • Smoking is allowed in designated areas only and in your personal camping space.

  • All play must abide by RACK: Risk Aware Consensual Kink or PRICK: Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink. Public play may be supervised by DM's. Attendees who choose not to follow a DM's decision may be asked to leave the area.

  • Treat others with courtesy and respect, unless during consensual "scene" roles.

  • Do not touch other players' "toys" or equipment without permission. This includes people. Some BDSM furniture will be provided at the event. See the Playground page for a list.

  • Personal dungeon furniture (private dungeons) is limited to two pieces per group camp.

  • Be respectful of presenters and attendees. Keep casual talk to a minimum during workshops. No conversation by non-players while others are enjoying scene(s) in the dungeon area.

  • Nudity is fine EXCEPT in food area. Please carry a courtesy towel for seating.

  • Absolutely NO exchange of money for any form of BDSM play, sexual activity or personal service.

  • Absolutely NO show or exposing of guns, no "gun play" of any kind.

  • Latex rules should be followed when bodily fluids are, or are likely to be, present (sexual interactions, blood sports, needles etc.).

  • Open flames at campsites, in approved firepits only, will be subject to forest service and landowner approval. Due to fire safety concerns fireplay is restricted to designated area only, after alerting a DM and engaging a spotter.

  • No pets permitted (unless human).

  • Leatherwoods has a limited number of electrical connections available for RVs on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Power is available for CPAPs and other medical devices in a camping area near the pavilion.

  • Power is available for vendor booths in the Leatherwoods Maul.

  • Please bring your own extension cords, rated for outdoor use, of at least 50 feet long. We recommend bringing more than 50 feet: it's better to have more cord than you need, rather than more need than cord.

  • Campground power is not available in other camping areas.

  • If you bring your own generator, it must be an approved compact or campground model only, or entirely self-contained. Generator use is limited to the hours of 10:00am to 2:00pm. Please respect others' space in regard to noise, and all quiet hours. At their discretion and judgement Leatherwoods staff may alter hours of use for generators, or not permit any use of generators due to noise levels, fire hazard conditions in the woods, or other reasons. Generators may be used for medical purposes in a designated area. At this time it is the north end of the big meadow.