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Past Presenters



Angela has been in a poly relationship with Conrad and Margaret for 10 years. Conrad is her collared sub, and Margaret is her uncollared sub. Angela has been in the scene for 11 years.



Arghun has been a fringe member of the BDSM scene since 1990. He attended his first munch, an RCDC meeting, in 1999, and went to his first event (Kinkfest) in 2004 A regular attendee of Leatherwoods since 2009, this year is his first foray into publicly sharing what he has learned.

Outside of the Kink world he is a Firefighter / EMT Lieutenant here in Oregon, and holds instructor certifications in the Fire Service as well as CPR / AED / First Aid. While he has a fledling Embroidery Business, it is more a fun hobby.


Brian Hubble

An active member, student and leather artisan of the BDSM community since 1991, Brian Hubble (Painful_Pleasure on Fetlife) of the awesome Painful Pleasure Toys will present modern styles of Fire Cupping with the focus on safety, equipment and technique.

Supplies will be available for purchase, or you can bring your own supplies to participate.



cindi (cindi on Fetlife) is a bi poly Topmissive with service & bondage fetishes that has lived in leather for nearly 25 years. she coined the term 'topmissive' to describe herself ... while she needs to be of service & has a submissive nature (& usually bottoms), she likes to do the flogging & drumming as well. 'Switch' isn't applicable as she doesn't change roles or headspace, nor dominates or takes power from her partners. she's also not a service top - she only plays the way she wants, with the toys she wants. she's actually "dancing" with another bottom while in the top position.



Conrad (ConradHodson on Fetlife) has been in a poly relationship for 48 years with Margaret Weller and for the last decade, they have been lucky enough to have Angela share their lives. He has been in the pansexual scene since the late 80's. He has been doing sensual caning for most of that time.



DonJay is a mid-west transplant who claims Oregon as home. He has lived in the Pacific Northwest since '87 and plans to stay. He has been very active in the community since 2008. He has been a panelist for Talking Kinky, a panelist for Miss Minerva's Pervy Salon, an instructor of needle play, and a demon fire top. He is always ready to torment pretty girls and doesn't hesitate to torment others when the opportunity arises. He is a past munch co-host for the Salem, OR munch and the current host of the Hillsboro, OR munch. He loves perverting ordinary items into "toys" and then uses those to help make the giggles come out. He is passionate about safety, both physical and mental. He never gets tired of continued research on his various "specialties" and loves to pick up new tricks whenever possible. He also nearly always has an electrical toy along and delights when some unsuspecting soul asks, "What's that for?"



(Revelija on Fetlife)


Evil Lady

(EvilLady on Fetlife)



FreakyDarling (K1ttyCunt on Fetlife) started learning the basics of D/s protocol about 9 years ago back in Las Vegas. Deciding that she is too much of a "cat" to truly serve others, she prefers more the kink and taboo, pretty much just a sadomasochist. She is loyal and honest, and willing to help where she can. Thus the reason for being a photographer's assistant to her really good friend, Shortnround.

She moved to Eugene at the end of September 2014 and has had a great introduction to the scene out here through Mech and his house of amazing ladies. She has attended many local house parties, enjoyed herself, and made quite a few friends and acquaintnaces. She has seen some great scenes from Mech and also Sara and Wylie with his needles. She even had a great scene with Iona at Wayward House's first ever party, where Iona literally used her ass as a punching bag. She is glad to be a part of this wonderful community and believes it to be a great gem.



Iona (Lil_Miss_Minerva on Fetlife) is a cheerful sadomasochist with a deep appreciation for responsibility, communication, and consent. Kink is fun! Hurting people with their enthusiastic permission, so they make the yummy noises and come back asking for more is fun! Hurting people against their wishes, so they come back with the police...not fun. She is an experienced bottom and top in needles, cutting, fire, and impact. She's taught kink at Leatherwoods and Paradise, and holds monthly educational events for the community.



Not all of us can pull off a strip-tease or pole dance, but EVERY body looks sexy belly dancing! Kalika (Kalika on Fetlife) is an alluring delight with a BA in dance. She has performed both solo and with a troupe. She will introduce the basics of body isolation, posture and footwork that will enable anyone to become the seductive concubine of their special sultan's dreams.

Bringing a small sarong to wrap around the waist is recommended. This can double as the bare-butt barrier or cover-up required in food areas.



Kelli has been exploring BDSM since she started talking the neighborhood boys into tying her up, spanking her, and locking her in cages at about 10 years old. It wasn’t until 2001 that she discovered she wasn’t an alien from another planet and dove head first into the kink community. Since then Kelli has had the honor of learning from a variety of individuals across the spectrum of the kink and leather communities. In December 2012 Kelli relocated to the Pacific Northwest where she founded House of Serenity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting in crisis members of the kink community. She hosts a weekly munch and monthly social and play party in her home and is a founding member of MAsT Marysville and Seattle Women in Leather. When Kelli isn’t working on BDSM related activities, she can often be found combing through thrift stores and sales looking for just the right deal. Kelli is not a fan of persona labels but if pressed will concede that slave is close enough. She has a passion for serving and making the world a better place for all.


Lita Swan

Lita Swan is a top-heavy switch that discovered age play at Leatherwoods 2012. She has been a closeted kinkster since her earliest memories, but has been a part of the community for a little over two years now. She leads her own group, Culture Loving Kinksters of Seattle, every second Saturday of the month. Lita loves a large variety of kink activities, from flogging and impact play to photography to age play and more.



(Malvrik on Fetlife)



Margaret Weller has been in a poly relationship for 48 years with Conrad Hodson and for the last decade, they have been lucky enough to have Angela share their lives. She drifted into selling sarongs about 10 years ago and enjoys it greatly. She has been in the pansexual scene since the late 80's and has been making and using birches since that time.


Master Bell

Master Bell (MasterBell on Fetlife) has been involved with the BDSM community since 1985 in California. She was involved in the following organizations: Threshold, Lair DeSade, Passive Arts, and Sanctuary. She also has attended Butchmanns. She received instruction in the art of the bullwhip from Robert Dante, a Guinness Book of World Record winner for the most cracks in a minute. She regularly taught classes at Threshold, Lair DeSade, and Passive Arts. She also regularly participated in ongoing monthly classes at Threshold.


Master Frederick

Master Frederick (MasterFrederirck on Fetlife) is into many aspects of BDSM and kink, but specializes in breathplay and fireplay. He does not claim to know everything there is to know about BDSM (as no one should), but he can tell you without ego that there is little, if anything, left for him to learn about fireplay. He has been at it since 2002, which means he's been doing it since before it was the "In" thing. He is also a craftsman, working with metal and leather. He makes restraints, corsets, vests, and pretty much anything else he can figure out. One of his favorite things to do with his submissives is to dote on them by making them all the toys they desire, and it inspires him in new directions.


Master Voni

Master Voni has been involved in the Portland, Salem, and Eugene kink community 10+ years. He is the big quiet guy who stands back and observes and learns what is of interest to him.



Mech has been a presenter at such gatherings as In The Woods and Paradise Unbound, as well as having presented at Leatherwoods for six years. Additionally, he frequently holds presentations, classes and workshops at both public and private dungeons and parties. Mech has been teaching fire play in his home dungeon for five years and taught for four years prior with his ex partner, Lady Papillon. Mech is a former EMT and Fire Chief who taught many classes on safety and emergency response and utilizes his adult education training in these newer, kinkier presentations. He plays on the outer edge of fire and is also a rigger and an artistic rope enthusiast as well as a gifted mechanic with the mind of an engineer. He makes his own rope with a machine he built and has also designed and crafted permanent, reusable rope dresses featuring decorative knots. His work is both highly creative and deeply perverted. He prides himself on meeting the challenge of dancing on the overlapping edges of danger and safety. When Mech is at play, one need not go to an amusement park for a wild ride!


Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony is a sadomasochist, leather identified person. For most of his time in this lifestyle, he identified as a slave, until this year. He still sees himself in surrendered service to the Universe and yet no longer in need of a Master. He lives with and also serves Ronin. He loves to write, and in that, is a bit of a muse. In his presentations he likes to focus on the "why" behind so much of what we do in this lifestyle, with an overall goal of reducing suffering through mindfulness and obedience. Currently he is the Secretary/Treasurer of MAsT: Phoenix, the Registrar and on faculty for Butchmanns Experience, Volunteer Coordinator for Sin-In-The-City in Las Vegas, and Assistant Director for SouthWest Leather Conference in Phoenix. He is an active member in the Phoenix Leather/Kink Community and spends much of his free time mentoring others on their unique journeys.


Mister Up

The inspiring & motivating Mister Up (Misterup on Fetlife) has been an active Certified Professional Life Coach for 20 years, facilitating everything from personal empowerment to corporate conflict resolution. His Proactive Communication workshop provides a ready-to-use toolbox of listening and speaking skills, necessary to remove roadblocks and effectively share wants & needs that are required for healthy relationships of all types.


Miz Tee

Miz Tee (MizTee on Fetlife) is a sadistic woman who revels in sharing the journey, and drinking that shared energy. For her, it’s not about reaching the goal, it’s about the dance, and all things are fluid. Whether it’s sensual drumming, or finding ways to push evil as far as possible while maintaining consent, she plays with an infectious joy for her craft. With a flair for the dramatic and artistic eye she balances SM with art and brings her 25 years of experience to her play. She adores all things pokey and that lovely ruby body paint that "All Things Pokey" so often produce.

Volunteering is the heart's blood of our community and Miz Tee firmly believes in donating her time and energy to the community. As a DM she’s worked many of the local event parties and led a DM shift at KinkFest. She’s a committee member of Leatherwoods, and on the Leatherwoods Board. For Leatherwoods she’s the Group Camp Coordinator, ‘Meadow Mom’, Vendor Coordinator, one of the DM’s and usually presents a class or two. She’s been on the Board of the Portland Leather Alliance and has led their Tastings event during Leather Pride; she’s also been the Volunteer coordinator for KinkFest and presented for the PLA workshop. She has also done ‘Tastings’ events for the Sensual Sensations Play Party, and for Leatherwoods.


Ms. Stormy

A self-admitted sassy coquette, Ms. Stormy (Ms_Stormy on Fetlife) is a Top Heavy Switch who played privately for several years before bursting out of her shell 4 years ago and becoming very involved with the Portland Leather/BDSM community. She spent several years primarily bottoming, and 2 years ago she started doing what came very naturally and letting the Top inside her break out. Ms. Stormy is a 3 year board member of Bad Girls, a member of the Oregon Leather Pride Committee, a PLA board member in 2011, and is involved with many other groups serving the Leather/BDSM community. In her spare time she enjoys relaxing and spending time with her partner, slave jennifer.



Nitrousab is the leader of the Lynnwood Ageplay Munch. The group is all about getting ageplayers off the computer for the third Saturday of each month and meet at the Lynnwood Denny's for a meetup and some grub. Afterwards, they go off on fun adventures throughout the Snohomish county area.



Remotor (remotor4u on Fetlife) is a devious Top, toy crafter, and experienced BDSM mentor & educator.


Sara67 (aka Derbygirl)

She has a nursing degree and currently work in adult intensive care, trauma, end of life, and in the past has worked with burn unit patients. She has been approached to develop this class for years and is excited to co-present with an experienced presenter (Arghun) and also has much knowledge of those health concerns that come up in our community. Bring your questions and your own experience and knowledge. She believes this to be a class where you can figure out the reality of what we do.

For the community she has mostly worked as an onsite/event nurse. She was volunteer coordinator for FetClub in Eugene. She has been taking a DM class and has had the opportunity to be an active DM and seen some incredible scenes. She is the owner of Talisman House and in the past have co-hosted many parties and recently has been the primary host of some educational classes and special parties.

She believes her personal journey has been amazing. She started with edge play and has had some experience with intense master/slave dynamics but is currently in an open relationship with an amazing player and they get to many events and love each other and encourage their own relationship to what gets them off as much as possible.



Shortnround is a local photographer who has been in the lifestlye for ten plus years. She is a strong supporter of healthy sex, kink, and body positive communities. She specializes in portraits and capturing emotionally authentic moments.


Ship Doc

Ship Doc is a single bio male, Dom-Master/top. He is 51.

He has been into the lifestyle for what seems to him like forever. He is a member of the DMA and has been involved in running and working Kink events one and off in the metro Portland area for the last 10 years or so. He has a variety of interests, including but not limited to, Impact play, rope, long knives, and swords. He has taught classes in event safety and production, Long knife and sword play and newbie nights as well as PRAG workshops. He enjoys mentoring and teaching new foks thingsand seeing the joy of aha monentin someones eyes.

He works in the tech world and is an avid hobiest in minitures and other fun.


Sir Patch

Sir_Patch has served his country and community all his life, first as an airborne ranger, then as a firefighter and rescue paramedic. These days, he serves as director of MAsT: Eugene, hosts MAsT: Salem meetings at The Lion's Den, and is Master (and sometimes Daddy) to his slave_evelyn.


slave evelyn

slave_evelyn stumbled upon the Leather Community in Austin, Texas about a decade ago and jumped in feet first, never looking back. Since moving to Oregon in 2012, she formed the Eugene subCulture group for slaves and submissives, organized local workshops on needle play, boot blacking, and M/s topics. Now she assists her Master, Sir Patch, with leading MAsT: Eugene. Together, they request the honor of your presense as they celebrate their M/s relationship with a permanent collaring ceremony at Leatherwoods 2016.



Sweetnfeisty started in the BDSM scene 12 years ago in 2004. She started off in the spanking scene, and, over the years, discovered so much more about herself! She has found that she is a masochist, sadist, switch, rope bunny, part cat, and, most definitely, a little. She enjoys mentoring and teaching others about themselves and the lifestyle.


The Dark Lord

The Dark Lord hosts the Salem Munch and the Salem Kink Library, as well as Salem Rope Club. He has been in the lifestyle for a little over five years. He also makes and sells hand-conditioned Romanian hemp rope for the cheapest on the market.