Leatherwoods Dungeon Rules of Etiquette and Play

Our dungeon etiquette and play rules are designed to maintain player safety and enjoyment. Violations should be reported to the DM on site or anyone wearing a purple shirt. Violators may be asked to leave the area. Leatherwoods staff have final say. Please respect their authority.



  • Do NOT touch other players, toys or equipment without permission.

  • Respect personal bubbles. Each person or scene may want or need a bigger bubble than you expect. Approach people and scenes carefully.

  • Do NOT touch anyone in any way without permission. Just because someone has accepted a gesture from you in the past does not mean you have standing permission to touch.

  • Do NOT assume that if one kind of touch is consented to, all touch is consented to. DO NOT grope someone‚Äôs breasts, buttocks, crotch, etc., and then say you thought it was okay because they were open to receiving a hug!
  • Do NOT interrupt scenes. Please do not do this either unintentionally with noise/proximity or else intentionally, because you believe something is going wrong. If the second is the case, then please discuss it with the DM or staff. These individuals can help ensure the safety of the players. If you are asked to be quieter or to step away from a scene so that it is not disturbed then please do so without argument. This applies equally to aftercare and recovery.

    Be respectful of the play spaces, and keep your voices low. Even if there are individuals interacting with the scene, do not assume that everyone is welcome to do so. There may be other relationships at play, and unless you know the people scening, it is best to watch and enjoy.

  • Do NOT attempt to join a scene in progress. You MUST be invited before joining. Do NOT interrupt a scene to ask to join.

  • Do NOT take photographs without the permission of everyone in the frame. If you feel someone has taken your picture without consent, then please inform a staff member and let us deal with it.

  • You may ask someone to play once. “No,” means no. If someone approaches and asks you to play with them more than once, or in any way which makes you uncomfortable, we ask you to bring that matter to the DM or staff directly.

  • First priority for all furniture goes to those in active scenes, or aftercare. Be willing to move graciously if needed.

Dungeon Rules

  • The House Safeword is Red. If you are in a scene, and you want it to stop for any reason, saying this will stop the scene, and cause the DM or staff to watch to make sure that communication is happening between top and bottom.

  • All play must abide by RACK: Risk Aware Consensual Kink or PRICK: Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink. Public play may be supervised by DM's. Attendees who choose not to follow a DM's decision may be asked to leave the area.

  • Absolutely NO exchange of money for any form of BDSM play, sexual activity or personal service.

  • Absolutely NO show or exposing of guns (including toys or replicas), no "gun play" of any kind.

  • Protective equipment should be used when bodily fluids are, or are likely to be, present (sexual interactions, blood sports, needles etc.).

  • Blood Sports - i.e. play piercing, staples, needles, cuttings - in designated area only:

    • Use gloves
    • Dispose of "sharps" in appropriate receptacles
    • Gloves and bloody towels used for cleaning must be disposed of appropriately in the designated bin - NOT in the sharps containers or regular trash bins. Please ask staff for assistance.

  • No scat play.

  • Mind your fluids. Please use sheets and/or towels (some are provided) to cover furniture you will be sitting or playing on naked.

  • “No” always means no. Only “yes” means yes.

  • Needle Play, Electric Play, Wax Play and Fire Play are restricted to VERY specific parts of the campground.

  • Do NOT negotiate a scene while impaired (be it by drugs, alcohol, or overwhelming endorphins), and do not attempt to negotiate a scene with others who are visibly impaired.

  • If you are interested in doing anything with Consensual Non-Consent, you MUST discuss it with the DM first. They will confirm the play with both top and bottom, put all immediate DM's on notice, and be prepared to deal with questions from those who may not have great awareness of what you're doing.

  • Cleaning supplies are available near all stations. USE THEM!