Saturday/11:00 AM

This is always a fun event! Please come and see what/who we have to offer! It will include donated items from our Leatherwood's Maul vendors (check out our Vendor page), and our annual Dominants/ Tops, subs/bottoms service auction.


Where do the proceeds go?

This year, by supporting our auction, you will help us provide partial scholarships to next year's Leatherwoods event for those who would not otherwise be able to attend, and a couple of local charities.


Dominants/Tops, subs/bottoms service auction

The auction will (hopefully) include both Dominants/tops and subs/bottoms - a great opportunity to give or get that flogging or ?????, from someone you've seen play or have heard about.

Those wishing (or ordered by their Dom/me!) to be auctioned will sign up and fill out a brief information form prior to the auction, which will include:

  • Name or screen name
  • Service offered (i.e. bondage, flogging, suspension, caning, massage, piercing etc.)
  • Whether giving or receiving
  • Length of time being offered - half hour/hour/or ???
  • Health Concerns
  • Who will negotiate when service will be provided

The auctioneer will randomly select those offering a service to go "on the block" and will use the information provided by that individual to begin the bidding. The auction will proceed until all those "volunteering" have been auctioned off. It will be up to the winning bidder and subject (or their Dom/me) to determine when the service will be provided, and this should be during Leatherwoods.

The bid amount is to be paid immediately following the successful bid. If you have any questions, check with the Auction Coordinator.