Welcome to Leatherwoods 2017!

We are excited for our 16th year!

Registration opens April 1, 2017.

What is Leatherwoods?

Leatherwoods is a membership-only BDSM campout which is open to all sexual persuasions, at a kink-friendly campground with opportunities for some delightful outdoor scenes. Once on site, the area is ALL clothing-optional.

We will continue to be a Clean and Sober event, as was the original vision for this event. With the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the state of Oregon, there have been some questions about how it relates to the clean and sober policy. Clean and sober at Leatherwoods means no alchohol, no recreational marijuana use, and no illegal substances. If you have an OMMP card, you may use but only from the privacy of your camp out of respect to other members and those who may be allergic.

We STILL do not allow pets (other than the human kind).

This year, we are offering an early registration rate for people who register before July 15, 2017. We still don't offer a single day rate, but your registration pays for the entire weekend and you can attend only the days that you can/want.

Special Notes

Photography is restricted to your own camping area, PLEASE be aware of people in the background! We offer wristbands for people who do not wish to be photographed. Make sure that anyone wearing a wristband does not appear in any pictures you do take.

Cell phone service is not available at the event site. To use a cell phone you will need to go up to the main road.

Clothing IS required at entrance area, at ALL times.

Water is available onsite, but not guaranteed. Make sure to bring extra drinking water just in case.


Leatherwoods Registration Will Open Soon.
Please check back with us for updates.


  • Fees have all been combined this year, and you do not need to pay a seperate camping site fee or electrical use fee.

  • No registration on site when Leatherwoods begins.


  • There is no separate "Day" rate.


~ The Leatherwoods Committee